Small update

Clay Murray
8 months, 2 weeks ago
Hello this is 2.1 of Cute Exporter!

Few small changes in the app. No new major features.

  • Support Aseprite files saved as color indexed files.
  • Support Aseprite files saved as grayscale.
  • Support add PNG files to your project.
    • Useful in cases where you already only have PNGs but also want to pack them as well.

  • Ctrl/Cmd + s now saves the project.
  • Ability to remove files from project
  • Refresh asset from disk.
  • Toggle trim alpha setting
  • Export ASE cel’s location in parent document.
    • Useful in cases where you trim alpha around your asset and export them as individual cels. You now have the data to reconstruct the asset in your engine from individual parts.
  • Little popups to inform that a save succeeded.
  • Bug fixes
  • Better memory management

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