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Clay Murray
7 months, 4 weeks ago
Odin is a great programming language. It lives up to at least this part of its mission statement.

joy of programming

I hadn't done any low level programming for a while before I started using Odin. Now I can't get enough.

Odin, while great, does have its rough edges. You can expect that from a newer language with a smaller community. And because the creator [Ginger Bill]( develops on a Windows machine there's a few more rough edges in MacOS vs Windows. I am going to talk about one of the issues I ran into on Mac and ... Read More →

Clay Murray
10 months, 2 weeks ago
Cute Exporter has been exporting the metadata about the texture atlas as a json file. This was because it's easy to do, and I know json better than other file formats.
But, there are game engines that don't use json. I want Cute Exporter to support those use cases.

My goals in supporting this use case are:

  • Easy setup.
  • Let user do what they want.
  • User provided file extension.
  • Easy to change.

Using a template file.

One solution may be to have a template format. You would create a template and direct Cute Exporter to fill it in. This works ... Read More →

Clay Murray
8 months, 1 week ago
Hello, I suspect not to many people read these posts but for those who do you may be wondering where I was. Well it’s been a busy and stressful last few months for my job and then I started playing minecraft and just played that way too much. However, I’m feeling better and I threw my gaming PC out the window now I only have time for making cool stuff again. I think I left Cute Exporter in a pretty good spot before my little hiatus, but it should be receiving some cool features soon. A big one on my ... Read More →

Clay Murray
8 months, 1 week ago
The next version of Cute Exporter should be 2.5 here is what you should be able to expect in this version.
  • A few builtin preset export formats
    • JSON
    • INI
    • Suggest one if you’d like to see it

  • Set the framerate of an animation
  • Playback the animation at a framerate in the GUI
  • Define regions in a PNG to export. Useful for asset packs that already exist as a texture atlas
  • Improvements to showing the folder structure of parent assets in the GUI
  • Automatically create an animation from a PSD or PSD group.
  • Define custom anchor points / rects on a ...
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Clay Murray
10 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello this is 2.1 of Cute Exporter!

Few small changes in the app. No new major features.

  • Support Aseprite files saved as color indexed files.
  • Support Aseprite files saved as grayscale.
  • Support add PNG files to your project.
    • Useful in cases where you already only have PNGs but also want to pack them as well.

  • Ctrl/Cmd + s now saves the project.
  • Ability to remove files from project
  • Refresh asset from disk.
  • Toggle trim alpha setting
  • Export ASE cel’s location in parent document.
    • Useful in cases where you trim alpha around your asset and export them as individual cels. You ...
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